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Flours and Mixes

Let’s try to prepare a homemade dessert together? 🍰
Well, let’s write the list of necessary ingredients:
Caputo Farina Pastry Type “00” ;
Paneangeli Vanilla Yeast for Desserts ;
Perugina Dark Chocolate Drops / Paneangeli Sugar in Grains ;
-Extra filling as desired.

And if you prefer, we can also prepare a tasty homemade Pizza Marinara
We just have to add to the cart the Caputo Farina Pizzeria Type “00” , the Paneangeli Yeast “Pizzaiolo” , a delicious Mutti Tomato Puree and finally a nice sprinkling of Oregano !
Ah, and don’t forget to go to the Oil, Vinegar And Salt section to add the sauce for your favorite pizza!

Do your shopping, Vico Food Box will take care of bringing all the ingredients for your homemade recipes directly to your home!

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