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Soft drink

Water , our source of life, is the essential daily drink.
From an early age we were used to drinking still or sparkling water and the habit, as we know, is hard to die.
And you, you grew up with water Ferrarelle or water Levissima ?
And now that you are abroad have you had to abandon your source of life that raised you?
Don’t worry, here you will find a wide selection of 100% water from Italian sources: Ferrarelle, Lete, Levissima, Uliveto, Vitasnella and many others.

And for your physical well-being?

We have also decided to offer you a selection of soft drinks:
Bicarbonate and Digestives
Syrups and Concentrates
Fruit Juices
Tea and Infusions

How can you buy them?

Run and add all the products you want to the cart, Vico Food Box will ship them for free throughout Europe !

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