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Regulation: Vico Fidelity Card


CEGUA S.R.L.  – with VAT No. 09500031217


The “Vico Fidelity Card” has a duration of one year.  The points collection will be active from 17 October 2023 until 15 October 2024. The collected points can be transformed into coupons, which can be used on the website as a fixed discount on the shopping cart from 5 April 2024.

The promotion will end on 15 October 2024, after which it will not be possible to redeem the unconverted points and they will reset to zero.


Points can be collected following a completed purchase on or following a Referral (bring a friend programme).


Points are awarded as follows:

The value of 1€ spent entitles you to 1 point. The value of each point is 0.02€. (Example, 500 points = 10€ coupon)


Eligible for the Vico Fidelity Card are private and business customers who purchase products on sale on



The operation concerns all available products on sale on this website, including products on offer.


1. For every €1 spent you receive 1 point, points are not calculated on cents. For example, if a product in your order costs 1.30 cents you will only receive 1 point, not 1.30 points. Points are calculated by default, not by excess.

2. In order to accumulate points and convert them into coupons, the consumer must be registered on this website by filling in all the fields in the registration form and entering his/her personal data. The Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the login credentials for his/her account. In his account, the customer will be able to view the balance of accumulated points and manage their conversion into coupons.

3. The accumulation of points for purchases on this site com shall take place automatically as soon as the order is shipped and entrusted to the courier.

4. If you recommend the service to a friend, you accumulate 100 points on the first order your friend makes. To be able to invite friends and receive extra points from your dashboard, in the menu on the left click on “My Points”, on the page that opens you will find a TAB “Get Points”, inside it you will find the link to share with your friends to invite them to get to know Make sure your friend uses the link to register on, once they have placed their order and it has been sent to the courier you will accumulate 100 points.

5. On your birthday you accumulate 200 extra points, if you have entered your date of birth in the dashboard.

Points will be removed on cancelled or refunded orders. It is not possible to accumulate and/or redeem points on free shipping.


From 04/05/2024 you can independently convert the points into coupons on in your account as a fixed discount on your cart.

The points used to request the coupon reset the amount of points available in your account. The points will be converted into coupons that you can apply when completing your order on

It will not be possible to accumulate points between different Vico Fidelity Cards.

Each Vico Fidelity Card is associated with the account email address. If you have multiple accounts it will not be possible to consolidate the points collected. We recommend that you always use the same account for your orders on Vico Food Box.

The credit resulting from the conversion of points cannot be monetised, cannot be converted into cash, does not give the right to change and can be used from 5 April 2024 and no later than 15 October 2024.


The communication of the Vico Fidelity Card will take place on the present website and on the social networks of Vico Food Box; the advertising message will be consistent with the regulations of the prize operation and the Terms and Conditions of the initiative excluding Art.6Cbis DPR 430/2001.

Any changes that may be made to the regulations and to the terms and conditions of participation during the course of the activity will be promptly communicated to the Recipients with the same methods of communication to the public reserved for these regulations.


Personal data will be processed, with the aid of electronic instruments, in full compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016(GDPR) for the purposes related to this prize draw, and for a period of time proportionate to such purposes.

The data controller and data processor is Cegua s.r.l.with tax code 09500031217

The data received will be communicated exclusively to Cegua s.r.l.and will not be disclosed to other companies.

Participation implies for participants the acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in the regulations and terms and conditions document without limitation.

The Promoting Company assumes no responsibility for any problem of access, impediment, malfunction or difficulty concerning technical instruments, computer/tablet/smartphone, telephone line, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, internet connection not dependent on the Promoter itself that may prevent the participant from accessing the participation site and taking part in the prize draw and the initiative.

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