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Oil, Vinegar and Salt

It is unthinkable that essential condiments for everyday cooking are missing in our pantry: Oil, Vinegar And Salt

But most of all, how to give up the precious and beloved Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% from Italian olive trees: Bertolli, De Santis, De Cecco, Carapelli and others.

In an increasing extra virgin olive oil market, we guarantee stable prices. We limit purchases to one bottle per customer to make the oil accessible to all, without compromising quality. Join us to keep the tradition of EVO oil alive on your table.

Little curiosity about Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Extra virgin olive oil must tend towards green: if green is dark it is an extra virgin olive oil with a medium fruity taste. When the harvested olive is green, the oil is more greenish; if the olive is very dark or black, it is more yellowish. The age of the oil also affects its color.

But the oil is not only extra virgin olive oil. We have also thought of a wide selection of Corn, Sunflower and Peanut Oils.

Ah, don’t forget to top up your shopping with a Pinch of Salt! 🧂

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