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Discover Lactose-Free Pleasure with Vico Food Box Products

Welcome to the tasty and uncompromising world of Vico Food Box dedicated to lactose-free products! A selection of Italian delights that combines culinary tradition with lactose-free. We invite you to discover a wide selection of products that express authentic Italian taste, without sacrificing quality.

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Vico Food Box: Dedicated to Lactose Free and Gastronomic Satisfaction
Through lactose-free products, Vico Food Box carries on its mission of offering authentic Italian flavors to everyone, even to those who do not want to give up true Italian flavours. Each item has been carefully chosen to reflect our passion for providing high-quality, lactose-free options that keep the authentic flavor of Italy alive.

OK, but which products are we talking about?
Not only milk (have you tried Zymil?), but also:
– cream
– biscuits, snacks and breakfast products

No Lactose but Flavor Without Compromises:
Our range of lactose-free products is a tribute to Italian cuisine, where authentic taste and dietary requirements blend in harmony.
Lactose-free products not only meet the needs of those following a specific diet, but also offer healthy and tasty options for everyone. Rich in flavor and lactose-free, these products are an appetizing choice for embracing a balanced lifestyle.

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