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About us

Our challenge began in early 2019. Like many Italians living abroad, we shared the need to have Italian food at home at the right price and with no effort. So we asked ourselves: is it possible to offer a reliable shipping service with suppliers coming only from the Italian market? We knew it would be a great challenge that would involve huge sacrifices.

No external fund support was given, our idea was only realized thanks to our savings.

We preferred to quit our jobs to devote ourselves 100% to Vico Food Box life.

We wanted to take care of all the phases of our work at any cost: from the choice of Italian food to the packaging and shipping. To take care of your box with our own hands, we built our warehouse and had to split our time between Italy and Amsterdam.


After 3 years in business, our challenge continues! With a team of young and talented people, who support us both in Italy and abroad, we study the growth of Vico Food Box step by step. A service that meets the needs of our Vico-lovers more and more.

Your happiness is the motivation to achieve our goal: shipping Italy to your home!

A truly Italian project!

Passion for Italy

Eating is the primary link between us Italians around the world. In Italy we only prefer our regional food, abroad we appreciate any food as long as it is Italian.

Sector Expertise

Our mission is to ship Italy to your homes in Europe and the UK! We are experts in shipping abroad, and we love Italian food.

Open to the World

We look at the world from Italy! We work for you to make you feel closer to Italy.

Italian Brands

We offer e-commerce for Italian food online shopping, coming from Italian producers only. We want to fill the homes of people abroad with the food they would find shopping in Italy.

Italian Prices

With us, it's like shopping at a local supermarket in Italy. We want to send a little bit of Italy to everyone living abroad and support you in our way.

Free Shipping

You can buy Italian food online and ship it all over Europe free of charge on orders of €70 or more. No more excuses: shop online!

We put ourselves upfront



“Any target is good for celebrating”



“Always operational!”



“The bills don’t add up”



“Rule No. 1 of the Fight Club: the customer is always reason”



“First glasses and coffee and then everything else”



“Subjunctive alarm, the situation is grammar”



“I assist, I conquer and you make the purchase”



“Warehouse Amazon”



“I am optimistic, I see the glass and the warehouse always half full… of spritz.”



“Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so close to Monday?”

Open to challenges Our challenge? Shipping fresh food throughout Europe (and beyond!)

If you don't believe us, believe them! 30,000 SATISFIED VICO LOVERS

No, they’re not models… they are Vico-Lovers all over Europe!

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