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Selected for you

Welcome to the “Selected for you” page dedicated to typical Italian products!

In love with authentic Italian cuisine and its delicacies? If yes, then you are in the right place! Our “Selected for you” page is a culinary journey through Italy, where you can discover an extraordinary variety of genuine products, guaranteed by prestigious certifications such as DOC, DOP, IGT and for all dietary needs.

The Passion for Italian Tradition

We are proud to present a selection of products that represent the essence of the Italian culinary tradition. Each product is carefully chosen to bring the authentic taste of Italian excellence directly into your kitchen. Whether you are a fan of pasta, cheese, olive oil, wine, or any other Italian delight, here you will find high-quality options that reflect the passion and dedication of our producers.

Quality Certifications

We are committed to offering you only the best. For this reason, many of our products carry with them prestigious certifications, such as Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC), Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), and Typical Geographical Indication (IGT). These certifications are a sign of authenticity and quality, ensuring that products are grown and produced according to traditional methods and rigorous standards.

For All Your Dietary Needs

We know that everyone has different dietary needs. Therefore, in our “Selected for you” selection you will also find gluten-free, organic, wholemeal and lactose-free products. We want to make your dining experience as satisfying as possible, regardless of your dietary preferences or restrictions.

Browse our range of authentic Italian products and find the best that Italy has to offer. We can’t wait for you to discover the unique flavors of the different Italian regions. Your table will become the perfect place for an unprecedented culinary journey!

Vico Food Box wishes you Bon appetit!

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