Rice has taken its place in our daily kitchen more and more, thus becoming an indispensable food in the diet of all of us: made with simple or rich ingredients it is always a goodness! 🍚
In fact, its preparation manages to tickle every palate: dry, in soup, in the oven, as a dessert.

Rice can be prepared in infinite variations , with fish, meat or vegetables and in any case it will be enough to follow the four basic operations to obtain the perfect risotto: saute, toast, cook and whisk .

Curtiriso, Gallo, Scotti, Flora you will find these and other brands in the section dedicated to the selection of 100% Italian rice that we have designed for you.

And for you who never have time, we have decided to offer you a wide choice of Prepared For Risotto : Milanese style, shrimp, artichoke, porcini … there really is something for all palates!

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