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You miss Italian food, right? Would you like to discover and savor all the Italian products that you cannot easily find abroad?
With free shipping we bring Italy to your home directly on your table! 🍝
Pasta , Sweet Snacks & Salati , Sauces , Baby Food and much more … your eyes are already shining 🤩

Did your mouth water? Discover the brands available on our site!

To make you feel at home we have found all the Italian brands for you that you would find in supermarkets near your home: Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Bauli, Mellin, Plasmon, Alce Nero and much more. 😎

Do you have food intolerances?

In a single section, discover all the products dedicated to those who love good food but have food intolerances .
Try gluten-free products: give up gluten but not taste! We are always close to your needs. 💪

Vico Food Box ®, Italy at your home. 💚

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