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Creams and Jams

Guess, Riddle.
You can spread them on rusks and bread, eat them in spoonfuls or prepare delicious cakes… What are they?

The irresistible Hazelnut Creams and Fruit Jams .

There are really something for everyone:

For Chocolate lovers:

Baci Perugina Spreadable Cream, Ferrero’s beloved Nutella, Lindt Hazelnut Cream, Pandistelle Spreadable Cream and many others.

For lovers of Fruit Jams:

Bio-Rigoni Fior di Frutta Organic jam (oranges, strawberries and strawberries, berries, mandarins, apricots, etc.),
Santa Rosa Jam various flavors.

For lovers of jams with refined flavors:

Stammibene Extra Fig Jam, Black Mulberries, Sicilian Pistachio, Oranges with Cinnamon, Lemons with Ginger, Mandarins and Turmeric … really delicious right?

Hurry to add your favorite creams and jams to your cart, Vico Food Box will take care of sending them directly to your home throughout Europe!

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