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You found us out and now you want to know what’s on Vico Food Box for to place your first order?
As our customer you have the opportunity to do orders online on the website in complete safety and counting on the support of our Costumer Happiness Team . We chose to call it that because we make Italians happy abroad . This is our mission !
Ornella and Antonio assist the Vico Lovers via chat , email and on phone , helping with shipments, providing details, suggestions, taking care of any unforeseen events and always satisfying everyone .
But that’s not all: they are available to contact the courier for the customer if not is in house and even satisfying requests for products not in stock. 
Do you have a particular desire? Write us what you can’t find abroad in” your tips “and we’ll look for it for you .
While you Vico Lovers complete the order and receive the confirmation email, the order is processed in the warehouse. There your Italian products will be carefully selected and placed in your special Vico Box, ready to go to any destination abroad in Germany, Holland, UK, France, Austria, Belgium and many other territories . You can find out here all our delivery areas.
Our Warehouse Specialists , Pietro, Angelo , Mohamed, Luigi and Giovanni are dedicated to the packaging of every single product so that it arrives perfect.
Michele makes sure that the couriers collect the Vico boxes. he Checks and checks all details carefully.




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prodotti italiani di qualità

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Our Vico boxes are completely eco-friendly . It is important for us to contribute to the protection and improvement of our planet and for this reason we have completely abolished the bubble wrap . It wasn’t easy, it took a long time of testing and research. We must keep intact and safe our shipments abroad to protect the precious Italian products that we send around the world.

Our lively Vico box is made of recycled cardboard with:

  • separators
  • protection and filling systems
  • wine cellars

We are very keen on the dissemination of Made in Italy and for this we support our producers, their brands and above all we take care of delizie local .

Here your Vico Box starts and the Customer Happiness Team will carefully follow the entire shipping process.

Shipping is free for orders of € 70 or more, otherwise it is only € 11.90 throughout Europe.

Over 30,000 Vico Lovers received the Vico Box and no one was left without .

You will receive 100% delivery!

Buying through the site is safe and fast. You will find all payment methods in FAQ .

When you receive the Vico Box, you will be so happy that you will not stop taking photos and posting them on social channels by tagging us on vico_food_box

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This is where our beloved SMM Rosa comes into play. She will post all your photos and will make you part of our community of Italians abroad.

When you are in Italy you will want to meet her just as happened recently with one of our Vico Lovers on vacation in Italy from Holland.

Don’t worry if your photo isn’t perfect, Giulia, the graphic designer, will always perfect every photo!

For us it is important that every Vico Lovers can receive a little bit of Italy in her home, be satisfied and feel satisfied with Italian products.

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There are no robots behind every order! We always face and heart !

Everything is studied in detail to assist you in the best possible way.

Vico Food Box – Italy at your home.

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