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Discover the Authentic Italian Taste of Vico Food Box Gluten Free Products.
Welcome to the Vico Food Box universe dedicated to celiac disease, where Italian culinary excellence is combined with health and authentic taste! At the heart of our e-commerce, we proudly present the category of gluten-free products, a selection of delicacies that embodies the Italian culinary tradition without compromising quality or flavour. We invite you to explore an assortment of gluten-free products, all Made in Italy.

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Passion for Gluten Free and Authentic Taste
Through the gluten-free products category, Vico Food Box demonstrates its dedication to offering the authentic Italian dining experience also to those who follow a gluten-free diet. Each selected item represents our passion in providing high quality products that keep taste and tradition intact.
Italian brands, on the other hand, are synonymous with trust. And this also applies to gluten-free products: Galbusera and its Zero Grano line; Barilla and the various gluten-free pasta shapes; Schar, a very Italian company (don’t let the name fool you) verticalized exclusively on the food intolerance sector.

You can also find very useful ingredients for preparing your gluten-free dishes at home, such as:
– gluten-free cornstarch, essential for thickening and giving strength to your preparations;
– specific gluten-free flours (have you tried making a pizza with Caputo “gluten-free”?)

And then:
– products for breakfast … like at the bar, but gluten-free – croissants, snacks, biscuits …
– gluten-free pasta, in shapes you dreamed of before, such as gnocchi and sheets for lasagna

Gluten Free, With Taste: Authentic Products from Italy.

Our collection of gluten-free products embodies the soul of Italian cuisine, where attention to craftsmanship and care in the selection of ingredients remain unchanged.
Gluten-free products not only meet the needs of those on a specific diet, but can also enrich the diet of those looking for lighter, more nutritious options. Rich in taste, fiber and essential nutrients, these products offer a tasty way to support a healthy and active lifestyle.
Explore the meeting between the Italian gastronomic tradition and the choice of a gluten-free diet through our selection.

Start your journey towards gluten-free, tasty and satisfying cooking by exploring the collection of gluten-free products from Vico Food Box. A world of authentic flavors and healthy food options awaits, ready to be savored and enjoyed

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