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Mulino Bianco Pistachio Baiocchi Cookies – 168 gr


“It is a clear morning. The clear sky above our heads now moves us incredibly. There, on the shore of a small tongue of water, is a small white house with a mill gently cradled by the wind. Immediately we think we would like to go and live there, to live in a timeless time. Where there is goodness and tranquillity. The little house we want is our Mulino Bianco, where the unforgettable flavours and scents of tradition are preserved. When you wake up, while you are already thinking about the day’s labours, accompany your breakfast with Baiocchi Pistachio sweets, and you’ll see that everything falls into place!”

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Everyone wants them and everyone looks for them, Mulino Bianco Pistachio Baiocchi follow the trend of pistachio products and make intense taste their strong point.
Knowing where to find them is not at all easy in Italian supermarkets, and in supermarkets abroad? Almost impossible, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Palm Oil Free
6 Servings of 3 Cookies

Don’t miss out on the very latest NEW: sweet shortbread pastry tastefully embraces a delicious pistachio cream.
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Weight 198 g
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 18 cm