Local Delights 🇮🇹
The Italian specialties you were looking for finally arrive at your home!
Don’t miss out on traditional Italian food and discover all the local delicacies from Trieste down! 😋
🥨Delights from Northern Italy , Delights from Central Italy , Delights from Southern Italy. 🍝

In addition to the big brands, we want to offer you a wide choice of Made in Italy companies that take care of bringing the Italian gastronomic tradition to the table with passion, respect and care for the product.

Belonging to the territory is what unites us, sharing good regional food makes us close and makes us feel at home. 🏡
In Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands … from today the products you were waiting for and that you could not find abroad arrive:
Pinsa Romana, Friarielli, Taralli, Pane Carasau, Pizzoccheri della Valtellina and much more within reach of Vico Box!

Do you want to discover our Brands? 😎

The Agromonte, Artigiana Sud, Delizie di Calabria, Maestri Pastai, Maida and many others are all brought together to offer you the best of Italian specialties. With taste, class and tradition they bring the pleasure of good Italian food to your table.

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