Food intolerances

Are you tired of avoiding good Italian food because of your food intolerances? Are you abroad and can’t find the Italian brands that help protect your body?
Don’t worry, take a look at this section and discover all the products made especially for you! 💚

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance
For celiac and gluten intolerant subjects, buying gluten-free products is a must since the exclusion diet is the only possible solution. Saying no to gluten-containing varieties of cereals such as wheat, rye, spelled and barley is certainly difficult, but it helps prevent gastro-intestinal disorders. Eliminating gluten from your diet is easy to say, but what to do? Well, don’t give up on flavor and discover all the gluten-free products available!

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Discover the brands that are committed to offering a delicious gastronomic solution dedicated to food intolerances: Barilla, Schaer, Mulino Bianco, Rummo, Garofalo and many others. Discover them all!

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