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Felino IGP Salami – approx. 320 g


“Salami Felino IGP is a product that follows an ancient tradition. The name Felino is a reference to the town where it is produced, Felino in Tuscany. Terre Ducali produces the salami with selected pork leg meat to which salt and pepper are added. An excellent salami for all your aperitifs!”

Vacuum-packed and fresh-safe.
The photo is illustrative and the cut of the product may vary as it is a non-standardized artisan product
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Salame Felino PGI is a famous Italian salami with the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). This means that the product must be produced in a specific geographical area and must follow strict production rules and regulations in order to carry the PGI label.

Salame Felino takes its name from the town of Felino, located in the province of Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. This area is famous for the production of high quality cured meats, thanks to the ideal climatic conditions and local culinary traditions.

The main characteristics of Salame Felino PGI include:

Ingredients: Felino salami is made primarily from high-quality pork, often with the addition of pork fat to impart softness and flavor. The meats are mixed with salt, black pepper and other flavorings, depending on traditional recipes.
Grinding: The meat is minced finely, but with visible pieces of fat, creating a characteristic texture.
Seasoning: After being stuffed into natural casings, Salame Felino is left to mature for a period that can vary from a few weeks to several months. Curing helps develop the flavor and texture of the salami.
Shape: Salame Felino has a typical horseshoe shape with a round or oval cross section.
Taste: It has a delicate and aromatic flavor with a slightly spicy aftertaste.
This salami is often eaten as an appetizer, cut into thin slices and served with fresh bread or as part of a plate of cold cuts. Salame Felino PGI is highly appreciated for its quality and distinctive flavor and is an important Italian gastronomic product. The PGI mark guarantees that the product is authentic and produced according to local traditions.

Additional information

Weight 344 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 24 cm

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