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Lanzi Guanciale di Norcia I.G.P – ca. 1 kg – 1.2 kg


“Every time bacon is used instead of guanciale to prepare a carbonara, an Italian mother gets sick. Don’t commit this gastronomic crime! We know, real guanciale is hard to find abroad, but now you have no more excuses! Order Guanciale di Norcia I.G.P. Lanza and don’t get caught off guard any more. Let your friends taste the real and authentic carbonara, and don’t forget to take the Pecorino Romano D.o.p. too: they won’t be able to believe the deliciousness of this all-Italian dish. And remember: no cream!”

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Do you know what the problem with Guanciale is? In carbonara it is replaced by pancetta! 😀
Don’t commit this gastronomic crime too, save yourself while you can and choose Lanzi’s Guanciale di Norcia I.G.P.

Prosciuttificio Salumificio-Caseificio Lanzi in Norcia has been bringing the ancient flavors of traditional Umbrian gastronomy to the tables of Italians since 1962.

Discover Guanciale di Norcia I.G.P. Lanzi: with its strong, full-bodied flavor, it renews your dishes and appetizers with its unique taste.

Order it now and receive it throughout Europe and the UK!